The world's leading toymaker, Mattel, has announced its third recall of Chinese-made toys in recent months, saying it would take back more than 800,000 units globally that contain lead.

The latest recall involves three Fisher Price toy models and eight Barbie brand play sets, but no Barbie dolls are included.

The recall follows Mattel's investigation of its toys manufactured by vendors in China. In the last five weeks, the company already announced two recalls of millions of Chinese toys due to excessive amounts of lead paint and other dangers.

Mattel Chief Executive Robert Eckert said he could not guarantee there would be no further toy recalls, but stressed that the testing of products it promised after the first major recall is now complete.

Mr Eckert said that Mattel is now using only certified paint on toys, monitoring its own plants and those of subcontractors, and that every product is tested before it reaches stores.

Mattel said the Republic of Ireland was not affected by this recall.