A guide to buying your first home in Ireland which is already available in English and Polish has now been published in Lithuanian.

The EBS Building Society says 'Knygute Apie Tai’ or the 'Little Book About Buying Your First Home' offers simple advice and guidance on the various steps involved in purchasing a property in Ireland.

Shammy Khan, Manager of EBS Mortgages, said the book was developed following demand from the Lithuanian community in Ireland.

'Buying a home is a complicated process and the language used in communicating how to go about this process is typically very technical and difficult for all buyers to understand. This can be even more challenging for non-English speakers,' Mr Khan said.

The company cites CSO figures showing that there are almost 25,000 Lithuanians living in Ireland and that about one third plan to settle here.

A copy of the book can be requested from the EBS website or downloaded here.