The 12 members of the new Press Council have been announced and will include six industry nominees as well as six independent members chosen through public recruitment.

Press Council Chairman Prof Thomas Mitchell said its establishment was a significant event in the history of Irish media and a good news story for the public and the industry.

He said the Council will provide a new complaints procedure that is independent, accessible to all, simple, quick and free.

Prof Mitchell said he believed such a mechanism was essential in today's society as an alternative to the courts, for those who feel aggrieved by what they read in newspapers.

The Council is funded by the industry and cannot impose fines or penalties on the press.  

The Council hopes to appoint a new Press Ombudsman by the end of July and Prof Mitchell said there had been up to 25 applicants for the post.

Council Members

The independent members of the new Press Council of Ireland are: Prof Thomas Mitchell (Chairman), former Provost of Trinity College Dublin

Seamus Boland, CEO of Irish Rural Link

Mary Kotsonouris, a qualified solicitor and former District Court Judge

John Horgan, former Chairman of the Labour Court

Maeve McDonagh, Associate Professor of Law in UCC

Dr Eleanor O'Higgins, Senior Lecturer in the UCD School of Business

Peter O'Mahony, former CEO of the Irish Refugee Council

The six industry members of the Press Council are:
Ms Rosemary Delaney, Managing Editor of multi-media firm WMB Publishing Ltd

Michael Denieffe, Managing Editor of Independent Newspapers (Ireland) Ltd

Martin Fitzpatrick, Treasurer of the Irish Executive Council of the National Union of Journalists

Michael McNiffe, Editor of the Irish Sun

Eoin McVey, Managing Editor of The Irish Times

Frank Mulrennan, President of the Regional Newspapers and Printers Association of Ireland

All members of the new Press Council were appointed by an independent Appointments Committee consisting of: Dr Miriam Hederman-O'Brien, a former Chairman of the Broadcasting Complaints Commission; Dr Maurice Manning, President of the Irish Human Rights Commission; and Kevin Murphy, former Ombudsman and Information Commissioner. Professor Thomas Mitchell also chaired the independent Appointments Committee.