The Taoiseach has proposed a major international competition to design and construct a landmark monument to peace, to be located in the border region.

At the annual Fianna Fáil Arbour Hill commemoration, Mr Ahern also urged dissident republican and loyalists to move towards peace.

Speaking in Dublin this morning, Bertie Ahern said no one should feel threatened as the Good Friday Agreement had settled the constitutional issue and accepted the principle of consent.

He said that if Fianna Fáil were returned to Government, €5m would be allocated to an international competition to design a peace monument for the border region, which would be on the scale as the Spire of Dublin or the Angel of the North in Britain.

He also backed the idea of a corporation tax reduction for Northern Ireland.

He said it could make a real difference in transforming the Northern Ireland economy, and pledged a new anti-sectarianism fund to help projects to help defuse tensions in interface areas in Northern Ireland.