The Government is expected to agree a compensation package for 175 women who had their wombs or ovaries removed unnecessarily by disgraced Obstetrician Michael Neary.

The compensation scheme was drawn up by Judge Maureen Harding Clarke, who chaired the Lourdes Hospital Inquiry, into the high level of caesarean hysterectomies carried out over a 25-year period at the Drogheda hospital.

Michael Neary was struck off the medical register in 2003 after he was found guilty of professional misconduct in performing unnecessary hysterectomies.

Last year Judge Maureen Harding Clarke published the report of the Lourdes Hospital Inquiry.

It revealed that almost 200 caesarean hysterectomies were carried out in the hospital over a 25-year period. 129 of those were performed by Dr Neary; 59 were carried out by three other consultants.

The report also revealed that medical files of more than 40 patients were missing.

Following the report, the Minister for Health, Mary Harney asked Judge Clarke to draw up a redress scheme. The details of the scheme are expected to be agreed by Cabinet tomorrow.

Compensation payments will range from €60,000 to €360,000, depending on the individual circumstances of each case.