Pensioners are given discounts on movies or public transport, but one brothel in Germany is now offering a 50% discount for its customers over age 65.

The deal is only available in the afternoon at Cologne's famous 'Pascha' brothel and, of course, proof of age will be required. 

'All clients need to do is show us some proof of age,' said a spokesman for the brothel's managing director, Armin Lobscheid.

He added that a 'normal session' would cost €25 with the discount.

There is even an ad campaign to promote the new deal, featuring a motorcycle rider and the phrase 'Life begins at 66!'

'There's been plenty of demand and people have certainly been taking advantage of the offer,' the spokesman said. 'Older folks are more active than you think.'

The Pascha claims to be the biggest bordello in Europe and offers all clients a money-back guarantee.