A 32-year-old Cork chef has gone on trial at the Special Criminal Court charged with membership of the IRA.

Don Bullman of Fernwood Crescent, Wilton, denies being a member of an illegal organisation.

The court was told that on 16 February 2005, gardaí who were investigating the funding of illegal organisations went to Heuston Station in Dublin after receiving confidential information.

Detective Sergeant Rory Corcoran said that gardaí had gone to Heuston Station because they believed that money suspected of being part of the Northern Bank Robbery would be exchanged in a box at the station by members of the IRA and that Don Bullman would be involved.

Mr Bullman was arrested in a jeep at the station along with two other men.  

Inside his navy rucksack was a red Daz washing powder box. When the box was analysed, gardaí found more than €94,000 inside.

Follow up searches at his home in Cork found a sweet box with £870 inside, as well as documents tied together with a ribbon, bearing the words 'Tiocfaidh ár lá'.

In a search at the home of another man, £60,000 was found in Northern Irish bank notes.

The court heard Mr Bullman consistently denied being a member of an unlawful organisation. But it was told an Assistant Garda Commissioner would give evidence that he was a member of the IRA.

The court was also told that Mr Bullman was attending a catering exhibition in the RDS in Dublin. A name tag with the name Jerry McCabe, Catering Officer, Garda Club, was also found in the jeep.  

Mr Bullman told the gardaí this was a joke.   

Prosecuting counsel, George Bermingham, said it was a joke in very dubious taste as Detective Garda Jerry McCabe had been shot dead by the IRA in Adare in 1996.