A twice-yearly price comparison from the Central Statistics Office shows that prices in Dublin are on average 3.5% higher than in the rest of the country. This is unchanged from the last survey in May.

When the cost of drink in pubs is excluded, the difference falls to an average of 0.4% higher in Dublin. Prices of alcoholic drinks in pubs were more than 5% higher in Dublin in most cases, with the price of a half-pint of lager almost 15% higher in Dublin.

Of the 73 items examined, average prices were higher in Dublin for 39 and lower for 34.

Meat, fish, fruit and vegetable prices were generally higher in Dublin, but prices of other foods and beverages such as milk and tea were lower.

For petrol, average prices of unleaded were 1.4% lower in Dublin. Diesel was 1.5% lower in Dublin. In services, cinema prices were 20% higher in Dublin.