An ambulance crew which went to assist an intoxicated teenager in Limerick last night was attacked, and one of the crew had to receive hospital treatment for a minor head injury.

The ambulance, with two emergency medical technicians, was called to O'Malley Park in the Southill area to assist a 14-year-old girl.

When the crew arrived at the scene, there was a large crowd of people present. The two ambulance crew members were attacked by three young men as they attempted to assist the young woman.

The crew then returned to the ambulance and radioed for assistance. They had to leave the scene and the gardaí were called.

One of the ambulance crew attended the A&E Department at the Mid-Western Regional Hospital in Limerick and was treated for a minor head wound.

A spokesperson for the Heath Service Executive in Limerick said it was naturally very disturbed and upset to learn about the incident.

The spokesperson added that while the HSE provides training and security for ambulance personnel, ultimately it relies on the decency of the public when it comes to the safety of those personnel who are trying to save lives.