The former U2 stylist, Lola Cashman, has lost her High Court appeal against a decision ordering her to return items belonging to the band.

She had claimed the items were given to her when she worked on U2's Joshua Tree tour in the 1980s.

The disputed items, including Bono's Stetson, are thought to be worth about €5,000. 

During the Joshua Tree tour, Ms Cashman claimed she was given gifts by the band, including a pair of trousers, a sweatshirt, a pair of earrings and a Stetson hat.

In 2001, Ms Cashman tried to place some items of U2 memorabilia in a sale at London auction house Christie's.

But when they heard about this, the band wrote to Christie's disputing her ownership of some of the items.

It later issued civil proceedings against Ms Cashman in the Dublin Circuit Civil Court, seeking their return.

Last year that court found in favour of the band and ordered that the items be returned within seven days.

Ms Cashman appealed that judgment to the High Court, which heard the case over three days last month.

This morning, Mr Justice Michael Peart rejected the appeal.

He said he could not be satisfied, in light of all the evidence, that it was more likely that the account given by Ms Cashman was more correct than that given by the band.

He added that Ms Cashman's evidence lacked credibility, plausibility or probability.

Counsel for the band said it was waiving any claim for its costs arising from either hearing.

Neither Ms Cashman nor the band was in court for the judgment.