The human rights group Amnesty International has accused Hezbollah of committing war crimes during the recent conflict with Israel by targeting civilians with rockets.

It said around a quarter of the nearly 4,000 rockets that Hezbollah launched into Israel during the 34-day war were fired directly into urban areas.

The attacks resulted in the deaths of 43 Israeli civilians and caused serious injuries to 33 others.

Amnesty said the fact that Israel also committed serious violations of international law in no way justified violations by Hezbollah.

The human rights group has called for both sides to be investigated for 'grave violations' of human rights law.

Amnesty has previously accused Israel of war crimes and 'indiscriminate and disproportionate' attacks on civilian infrastructure.

The conflict, sparked by the capture of two Israeli soldiers in a Hezbollah cross-border raid on 12 July, left nearly 1,300 Lebanese dead, the majority of them civilians.