A court in Baghdad has sentenced an Iraqi man to life in connection with the abduction and murder two years ago of the Irish-born aid worker Margaret Hassan.

The man, Mustafa al-Jubouri, was convicted of aiding and abetting the kidnappers.

Another man was cleared and a third was freed due to lack of evidence. They were named as Mohammed Fayad and Mohsen Jubai.

Mrs Hassan, who was 59, had British, Iraqi and Irish citizenship; she was kidnapped in October 2004 and shot a month later.

Yesterday, Ms Hassan's family said she had died because the British Government refused to speak to her kidnappers.

Her sister has also urged the British government to help find the body. However, the British Foreign Office said the investigation was an Iraqi police matter.

The Minister for Foreign Affairs, Dermot Ahern, had appointed a lawyer in Baghdad to represent the Irish Government at the trial.