A telephonist with Aer Rianta who claimed she suffered post-traumatic stress after answering a hoax bomb warning has settled a claim against her employer for what is believed to be around €15,000 and costs.

41-year-old Caroline Lynch from Maolbuille Road, Glasnevin, Dublin, sued Aer Rianta, claiming it had been negligent and in breach of its duty to her. The company denied the claim.

Ms Lynch claimed the shock of the call, which turned out to be a hoax, led to her being unable to leave her bed for 18 months and put on four stones in weight.

The court heard Ms Lynch took the call from a person with what she described as a 'bin Laden-type accent' at 3.30am on a morning in April 2002.

She followed procedure by contacting airport police, but later her own shock and trauma developed, the court heard.

At home she became very nervous and began suffering from nightmares, flashbacks and insomnia.

Every time an aircraft went past she had flashes of being blown up, it was claimed.

The telephonist's GP diagnosed post traumatic stress disorder and she was prescribed medication.

The court heard it was very distressing for Ms Lynch's two young children to see her in this situation and she felt she had no support from Aer Rianta.

With therapy she has now been able to revisit the airport but it is still very hard and when she brought her children swimming nearby she felt physically sick, it was said.