Cloud cover over much of Ireland obscured a partial eclipse of the sun this morning. The astronomical phenomenon should have been visible between 9am this morning and noon.

In Spain and Portugal, thousands of office workers streamed on to the streets to observe the eclipse where the moon covered 90% of the sun.

According to NASA, the partial eclipse was also seen in western Asia, the Middle East, India and most of Africa.

Today's was an annular eclipse, in which the moon moves between the sun and the earth but does not completely cover the solar face as in a total eclipse. Instead the moon appears as a shaded disk, with a corona around its rim.

The corridor in which this event was seen is a narrow one, stretching from the north Atlantic, where it started at 9.41am Irish time, across the Iberian Peninsula and then to northern and eastern Africa before ending in the Indian Ocean at 1.22pm.

Elsewhere the event was seen as a partial eclipse, as in Ireland. The maximum duration of 'annularity' was four minutes 31 seconds, when the sun was high overhead in central Sudan.