Sinn Féin is to come under renewed pressure at next week's session of the European Parliament in Strasbourg.

Five political groups in the parliament today tabled a strongly worded resolution for next month’s plenary session condemning IRA ‘criminality and violence’ and the murder of Robert McCartney.

The joint resolution is tabled by groups from across the political spectrum from the Socialist Group on the left to the centre right European People's Party. 

The liberal ALDA and the UEN, of which Fianna Fáil is a member, have also signed the resolution.

The motion outlines the events surrounding the McCartney murder and points out that Sinn Féin has not called on those responsible or who witnessed the killing to co-operate fully and directly with the police.

It also deplores what it calls the whispering campaign aimed at discrediting the McCartney sisters and the dead man's fiancée.

The resolution says that if the PSNI cannot secure a conviction then the European Commission should help fund the McCartney sisters in any civil proceedings.

The five groups represent 627 of the 732 members of the European Parliament.

The European Left grouping, of which Sinn Féin's two MEPs are members, has not joined the resolution.

It will be the first item on the agenda at Monday's plenary session in the parliament.