Irish Ferries has said that it will contact SIPTU tomorrow to seek talks about the Filipina woman, at the centre of a low-pay row.

Salvacion Orge began work on the ferry yesterday but the company cancelled her contract following queries from RTÉ News about her wages and working conditions. 

SIPTU says Ms Orge was being paid just over €1 an hour to work as a beauty therapist on board the vessel.

RTÉ NEWS understands that negotiations are ongoing between Ms Orge and the management of Irish Ferries.

It is now 24 hours since Ms Orge's contract was terminated. However, she has so far refused to disembark from the vessel.

Ms Orge had just begun working as a beauty therapist on the ferry, but the company closed down the service following queries about the wages she was being paid.

The company earlier told RTÉ News that it accepted that the arrangement was not good, but that it would honour its obligations towards Ms Orge. 

It said the contract had been arranged locally and now that it had been brought to the attention of senior management it had been decided to withdraw the service.

A letter from a recruitment agency that Ms Orge brought with her details her basic pay at just over €354 a month with three days’ holiday every month.

Irish Ferries has refused to confirm or deny the details of her contract, which SIPTU says meant she would work 12-hour shifts seven days a week for just over €1 an hour with only three days off each month.

This level of pay is less than half the rate set by the International Labour Organisation with regulates wages for seafarers.

An Irish Ferries spokesperson says the firm is encouraging the recruitment agency to resolve the situation and said Irish Ferries will help as much as it can.