A Co Kildare man who attacked a policewoman with an iron bar in Lisburn police station 18 months ago and blinded her in the eye has been jailed for seven years.

A Belfast court heard that 33-year-old Raymond Smullen from Kilmeague near Naas had been high on a cocktail of drink and cocaine.

The judge at Craigavon Crown Court sitting in Belfast heard that Raymond Smullen was on a weekend trip to Northern Ireland in July 2003 with a Hell’s Angels motorcycle gang based at Crumlin in Dublin of which he was a probationary member.

While high on a cocktail of drink and Cocaine, he became paranoid.

Believing the gang was going to kill him, he fled, and sought help from Lagan Valley Hospital in Lisburn.

Smullen demanded staff call the police, who befriended him and took him back to the local PSNI station where they offered to get him safely back across the border.

Left alone in the public waiting area, Smullen climbed through a window into the main office and armed himself with a five-foot long iron bar.

He attacked a policewoman, blinding her in one eye.

Smullen had been charged with attempting to murder the policewoman, but the charge was not proceeded with when he pleaded guilty to wounding her and two other officers and possession of cocaine.