22 people are now confirmed to have died in the assault on a luxury compound in the Saudi oil city of Khobar and the siege which followed it.

The gunmen who slit the throats of several foreigners, before commandos stormed the housing complex to rescue dozens of hostages.

It is thought the commandos went in when the militants started killing their hostages.

Two militants were killed and others arrested but at least two are reported to have escaped.

The Saudi interior ministry listed the dead as eight Indians, three Filipinos, three Saudis, two Sri Lankans, one American, one Briton, an Italian, a Swede, a South African and an Egyptian.

Another 25 people from various countries were wounded in the  attacks.

This morning's raid ended a siege that had lasted 25 hours.

The gunmen, who are linked to the al-Qaeda group, had shot dead 17 people yesterday before taking refuge in the upmarket Oasis complex.

A statement, claiming to be from the al-Qaeda terrorist network has claimed responsibility for the killings. The statement, which appeared on an Islamist website vowed to 'cleanse the Arabian Peninsula of infidels'.