The Association of Garda Sergeants and Inspectors has unanimously rejected a call to allow members of the public find out if there are sex offenders and paedophiles living beside them.

At the AGSI conference in Cork, gardaí from Wexford and Wicklow argued that people have a right to know about the presence of sex offenders in their community, but this was rejected by the vast majority of delegates.

Gardaí from Dublin pointed out that there had been several cases of vigilantism in Ireland, and that this type of naming and shaming would lead to lynch law where innocent people would be hurt.

It was pointed out that there had been a case in Britain where a paediatrician had been attacked and had to move home.

Legalisation of fireworks sought

Garda sergeants and inspectors have agreed to seek the legalisation of the sale of fireworks.

The conference heard that fireworks are used by ordinary decent people and it is now time to put in place a system of regulation to legalise the sale and use of certain fireworks to allow people have fun at Halloween and on New Year's Eve.