The Justice Sub-Committee is due to report today on what further action should be taken arising from the Barron Report into the Dublin-Monaghan bombings.

The survivors of the bombings, and those bereaved, are seeking a public inquiry into the attacks that killed 33 people in May 1974.

It is expected the Oireachtas committee will recommend that some form of further inquiry is needed into allegations of collusion involving members of the British security forces, and also to establish how files on the bombings went missing from the Department of Justice and the gardaí.

The six TDs and one senator on the committee spent the last three weeks considering what recommendations to make, following 15 days of public hearings.

It is understood they have considered the merits of establishing an independent investigation chaired by a judge from outside Ireland or Britain, whose findings would then be made public.

It is also believed the committee has taken on board advice from Canadian Judge Peter Cory, who described how with the co-operation of the British government, he privately viewed documents held by the British security services.

Judge Cory said similar co-operation would be essential for a proper investigation into the Dublin-Monaghan bombings.