Microsoft Corp's website remained online today, despite a preplanned attack by a MyDoom worm variant.

Experts say MyDoom.B, a version of MyDoom.A, was programmed to flood Microsoft's site with repeated requests for information in an effort to shut it down - a so-called denial of service attack.

MyDoom.A has infected possibly over a million PCs, generating a torrent of spam emails and crippling corporate email servers, as well as slowing traffic for some Internet service providers.

The biggest victim of MyDoom.A was the Utah-based computer software firm SCO Group, which was subjected to a denial of service attack on Sunday.

Its site is still offline today.

The Irish Linux User Group today rejected suggestions that the MyDoom virus could be attributed to the Linux/Open Source community.

The group said statements made by William Campbell of Bua Training, on RTÉ’s Morning Ireland, grossly misrepresented the Linux & Open Source Community.

ILUG and the Linux/Open Source community, they said, join in the condemnation of this and all other computer worms and viruses as violation of computer users' right to use their computer and serve only to further inhibit free, open information & knowledge exchange.