The Taoiseach has requested the British government to assist an Oireachtas inquiry into the 1974 Dublin and Monaghan bombings.

The Justice Committee will tomorrow begin hearings on the Barron report into the atrocity, which left 33 people dead.

In his report, Mr Justice Henry Barron was critical of the lack of co-operation from some British agencies.

Today, at his meeting with British Prime Minister Tony Blair, Bertie Ahern said it would be appreciated if any British officials who were asked to do so would co-operate with the inquiry.

Mr Ahern also stressed the concern felt by many in the North at the failure of the British government to publish the Cory report, although he accepted that they faced legal difficulties in doing so.

The Justice Committee's hearings on the Barron report will begin with an opening statement from the chairman, Deputy Seán Ardagh, followed by contributions from relatives of the victims of the bombings.