Pupils at a North Dublin secondary school were dismissed from class this afternoon after a sewage pipe apparently burst in the grounds.

The drama began at St Fintan's High School in Sutton after flooding was spotted near the school just before 2pm.

School principal Richard Fogarty took the decision to send 560 boys home for their own safety. Emergency services attended the scene but no injuries have been reported.

Mr Fogarty says he will be informing the Department of Education that the school will remain closed tomorrow.

Dublin City Council engineers say the problem arose at the point where the old sewer was diverted into a new pumping station which was opened by the Taoiseach on Monday.

The Council says the sewage did leak out onto the road at Sutton Cross and traffic had to be stopped for a while. Gardaí have warned of traffic delays.

It is hoped the school will be able to re-open on Monday.