The Green TD, Ciaran Cuffe, has said he has 'no problem' with investing in a condom manufacturing company, and has demanded an apology from the Evening Herald for claiming he was linked to a pornographic website.

Deputy Cuffe disposed of his shares in a number of chemical and oil companies following a controversy earlier this year, and invested the money in two ethical investment funds instead.

One of the companies he bought shares in was Condomi, a condom manufacturer.

Today's Evening Herald claims that his investment is 'linked' with a porn website, but Deputy Cuffe said it was a 'very tenuous' link involving a company not connected with Condomi.

He said he was taking legal advice and expected an apology from Independent Newspapers.

Deputy Cuffe said he had no problem with investing in condoms, but not in pornography, and acknowledged that there were links from the Condomi website to 'rather unusual toys'.

He said he would consult his investment manager to look at all the products involved.