The man who will succeed Cardinal Desmond Connell has promised a different, less authoritarian style of administration.

Archbishop Diarmuid Martin said the Church in Ireland had been authoritarian and now had to change.

Tomorrow, 58-year-old Archbishop Martin will be formally welcomed as Dublin's Coadjutor, or Archbishop-designate, who will take over from Cardinal Connell when he resigns or dies.

This morning, in a city centre Presbytery he told reporters of his ambition to bring the gospel message to young people in particular.

Archbishop Martin, who is a long-standing senior Vatican official, was asked about the Papacy's response to America's spate of clerical child abuse scandals.

He said the number of cases was stunning and that the Pope and Vatican officials were as shocked as anybody else.

He also said that newly established rules would not be sufficient in themselves to address the problem, and that the Church had to bring more heart and energy to making them a reality.

Turning to the scandals in Dublin, Archbishop Martin said there must be a way of ensuring that lawyers do not determine the Church's pastoral practices.

He said he found many women were not understood or fully welcome in the Irish Church, which had to learn to develop a different relationship with its people.