At the Flood Tribunal, it has emerged that Fianna Fáil Senator Don Lydon gave inaccurate information to the Fianna Fáil party inquiry about political donations.

Senator Lydon accepted that he had not told the inquiry about two £5,000 donations in 1992 and a £2,500 donation from Monarch Properties.

He said he did not have any records when he made his statement to the inquiry in 1999 and did not think another payment was relevant.

Earlier, Senator Lydon accused former lobbyist Frank Dunlop of creating false scenarios about bribing councillors.

Senator Lydon, who is also a psychologist, said it was similar to what is often found in cases of sex abuse.

He said people's personalities were defined by memory and Frank Dunlop was a very narcissistic person and may have created scenarios because he was unable to tolerate being caught out.

Senator Lydon denied asking Mr Dunlop for a £5,000 bribe in 1992.

He said Mr Dunlop's allegations about a meeting in his office in 1992 could not be true because he was at a conference that day.

However, he agrees he must have met Mr Dunlop around that time to sign a motion to rezone land in Carrickmines.

He said he signed the motion because he knew Frank Dunlop and thought the rezoning proposal was a good idea.

Mr Dunlop claims Senator Lydon asked for £5,000 but accepted £3,000 three days after signing the motion.