A long-awaited report on an internal Garda investigation into crime detection rates in the Waterford Garda Division has still not been completed, months after the initial allegations were made.

The investigation was launched after it was claimed that some figures compiled in the Waterford Division were not accurate and that some recorded crimes were reported to have been detected, even though nobody had been charged with the offences.

A document, claimed to have been leaked from the Waterford Garda Division, was reported to have shown crimes were considered to have been detected even if no conviction or court proceedings had taken place - if Gardaí were satisfied they knew who was responsible.

An internal Garda inquiry was set up to investigate the matter and to give an exact definition of what had or had not been "detected".

A Garda spokesperson said today that the report still had not been finalised and there was no indication as to when it would be completed.