The Chief Executive of Ryanair has given evidence in the High Court where an action has been taken against the airline by a Dublin woman.

Jane O'Keeffe claims that Ryanair reneged on a promise it made to her in 1988 to give her free travel for life after she became the airline's one millionth customer.

Michael O'Leary has denied allegations by Mrs O'Keeffe that he was hostile towards her during a phone conversation in October, 1997. However, Mr O'Leary does accept that the airline was wrong to try and put a limit on her flights at that time.

Mrs O'Keeffe told of raised voices and hostility when she contacted Mr O'Leary to complain she was not allowed travel on a flight she claimed she had already booked.

Mr O'Leary said that he simply told her there was no room on the flight and asked her for proof of her prize so that documentation could be drawn up to prevent this kind of thing happening again.

After this phone call, the company tried to limit Mrs O'Keeffe's flights to just twelve a year. In court, Mr O'Leary admitted that Ryanair was wrong to try to do this. The hearing will continue with legal submission tomorrow.