With the restructuring of Eircom announced today, Rondomondo, the digital publishing arm of the company will be shut down. The shutdown of the company will force its 35 employees to consider their job prospects. Eircom has offered the staff severance packages which vary from employee to employee however Barry O'Neill, Chief Executive with Rondomondo expects there to be "some interest" in the packages being offered.

Furthermore, Rondomondo's advertising network, which currently has a portfolio totalling 15 Web sites, appears to be shutting down as well forcing the company's clients to find alternative means for their ad serving software needs. O'Neill told ElectricNews.Net that he is "disappointed with the decision to discontinue the business." However, he said he understood the rationale behind the decision claiming, "it makes sense."

As for the company's advertising network clients O'Neill said, "We are quite committed to the existing customer base, as are we committed to all of our current clients. We are working on a transition plan for them." He said Rondomondo wanted to make transition for its customers as smooth as possible, whoever they decide to do business with. Customers can expect to hear from the company by the end of the week, according to O'Neill, and the company expects to draw up transition plans on a case-by-case basis.

Doras, the directory of Irish Web sites published by Rondomondo is expect to continue operating.

Some of Rondomondo's existing clients include Eircom.net, Ebid.ie, Goldenpages.ie, Online.ie and ElectricNews.Net. Eircom's restructuring plans, announced on Monday, are part of the company's review of its multimedia business. According to Eircom, a greater focus is to be placed on its core operations and fixed line business, and the overall restructuring will result in the loss of around 200 jobs.