by Mary O'Neill

Rawshot New Media has unveiled the first dedicated multi-platform game in Ireland. Betyourpoints has been developed for wireless, web and interactive TV. The game has been in development for the last six months, and will be available world-wide for a summer roll-out on all platforms simultaneously. It can be accessed free of charge. The format of the game can be likened to "Who Wants to be a Millionaire," although the questions are randomly served, and do not get progressively more difficult. Users have 10 minutes to answer as many questions as possible, and at any time they can double the odds of their winnings.

Creators are working on second and third versions of the game, which will follow the same format, but will have more of a risk factor involved, and have the option of multi-player games. Users do not have to have a WAP phone to play the wireless version, as it can be played with SMS. "We could go down the road of pushing this as a smart device, but we are limited in what we can do with it, so we decided instead to appeal to a mass audience. We know that there are people out there with older phones, so we wanted to keep it as simple as possible," Keith Jordan, Technical Director of Rawshot New Media told ElectricNews.Net.

The company is also looking into developing a version of the game especially for school children, with questions based on the Irish school curriculum. "Parents like the idea of their kids playing the game, because they are learning something, as opposed to playing violent computer games. We are in talks regarding setting up the games for school kids. They could put their own customised crests on the interface and play head-to-head against other schools," said Jordan. Rawshot New Media is in negotiations with several multi-national companies regarding sponsorship deals. The game will be accessible at