A gunman has killed seven people during a shooting rampage at the headquarters of an internet company in the United States. Police said that 42-year-old Michael McDermott, an employee of the firm, has been arrested and will be charged with seven counts of murder. The shootings took place at Edgewater Technology, in an office complex in Wakefield, 15 miles northwest of Boston.

A witness told reporters that the gunman went crazy. Police arrested him inside the building. Officials said that the man was armed with three weapons: an AK47 assault rifle, a shotgun and a handgun. John McEvoy, Middlesex County Assistant District Attorney, said that it was too early to establish a motive, but the incident appeared to be work-related.

Edgewater was reportedly in the midst of a corporate shake-up. The company created "Internet-centric solutions" for other businesses when it was known as StaffMark Incorporated. The company had been re-tooling its staff and function in recent months, evolving from a provider of human resources to an Internet consulting and services business. Public financial filings indicate the company had begun buying back shares from stockholders, a common practice for companies trying to bolster share prices. In November, Edgewater shed its staffing divisions, some of which had lost more than one-third of their profits in the first nine months of 2000, the company reported.