The North's First Minister, David Trimble, has called on President Clinton to announce a crackdown on dissident Republican group, the Real IRA. In a BBC television interview, Mr Trimble urged the Clinton administration to add the name of the Real IRA to its list of terror organisations. Although the Irish and British governments have both agreed to call on the State Department to ban the Real IRA, Mr Trimble said Dublin could take a more active approach in dealing with the dissident group.

Sinn Féin yesterday said it welcomes the upcoming visit of US President, Bill Clinton. Speaking after a meeting in Dublin of the party's Ard Comhairle, Sinn Féin Chairperson, Mitchel McLoughlin said that his party appreciates the contribution which he made to the search for peace in Ireland. He said that no other US leader has had such a significant, far-sighted and coherent approach. A long and detailed discussion of the issue of policing in Northern Ireland took place at the meeting. Mr McLoughlin said that Sinn Féin wants a new policing service and will not settle for anything less.