The Irish Haemophilia Society has been obliged to apologise to the former head of its legal team at the Lindsay Tribunal who was let go at the end of last week. In a statement tonight, the IHS apologised to John Trainor, Senior Counsel, for embarrassment or upset that may have been caused by a remark made earlier today. The IHS had suggested that Mr Trainor ceased to work for the Society because he had other professional commitments, but this is now accepted to be inaccurate.

In reality, the IHS itself terminated Mr Trainor's retainer at the end of last week - a decision which the Society has not yet given any reason for. Earlier today, the Society said wished to state that it was exceedingly grateful for Mr Trainor's work. The immediate result is that while the two other parties have full representation - the Department of Health and the Blood Transfusion Service have two Senior Counsel each, the IHS must rely on two barristers. The most recent witness at the Tribunal, Professor Ian Temperley, is being cross-examined by the IHS solicitor Raymond Bradley.