Mitsubishi Ireland has said that it is recalling 580 of its Gallant range of cars after discovering that there may be faults in the cars' petrol tanks. The cars affected were made between March 1994 and August 1995 and may be suffering from a corrosion problem in the petrol tank.

Group technical director Pat Allen said that he did not believe that there was a safety issue, but said that anything to do with the petrol tank of a car required the company's attention. He said he did not believe any other Mitsubishi makes sold in Ireland were affected.

Yesterday the Japanese car manufacturer announced a world-wide recall of over one million cars after Japan's Ministry for Transport criticised the company for hiding customer complaints about certain models. The Ministry said that the cars should have been recalled in 1997.

Mr Allen said that he did not recall any complaints being made relating to the suspected problem by Irish customers. Mitsubishi Ireland has a list of chassis numbers of the cars affected and is now seeking out the owners. Many of the cars will now be under second ownership which will make tracing the current owner more difficult.