The Gardaí say the Director of Public Prosecutions is currently examining one case of trafficking for the purposes of prostitution. Chief Superintendent, Nacie Rice, says it’s not a big problem at the moment, and existing legislation is capable of dealing with it. His comments come after an organisation that works with prostitutes in Dublin warned that it has encountered a small but significant number of foreign women who have been trafficked to the city to work as prostitutes. The Ruhama Women's Project stresses that this issue has nothing to do with refugees. The group says these women are at risk of being murdered by their traffickers. They have been lured to this country by false promises of legal work. Their passports have been torn up and they are completely at the mercy of their traffickers.

The group says it alerted the Gardaí and the Department of Justice to the problem. The women's project is holding a seminar on the issue this afternoon. They say it is vital that the problem is not confused with the refugee issue. These women are not refugees and need a very different type of help, such as safe houses, counselling and repatriation, if that is what they want. The women's project also wants effective measures introduced to deal with the criminal gangs and individuals behind the trade.