The Moriarty Tribunal has heard from the Managing Director of Irish Press PLC in relation to a payment the company made towards the late Brian Lenihan's medical expenses. Mr. Lenihan's son, Brian, paid tribute to Charles Haughey for raising funds for his father. The money raised and lodged to the Fianna Fáil party leaders account exceeded actual expenses by more than £130,000.

Following a request from Daniel McGing of the Coopers and Librand accountancy firm in 1989, Eamon de Valera donated £10,000 of Irish Press money to Brian Lenihan's medical fund. Mr McGing said that he remembers nothing about the donation, to which council replied that the public might raise an eyebrow at his inability to remember such a unique request. The Tribunal is investigating whether this and other contributions formed part of an excess in the Fianna Fáil party leaders account, after Mr Lenihan's expenses were paid in full. It is also looking at a list of businessmen who were to be approached for donations to the fund and has discovered a number of donations including £20,000 each from Seamus Tully and John Magnier and £10,000 from a Nicholas Fitzpatrick.

Later, in evidence to the Tribunal, Brian Lenihan's son paid tribute to Charles Haughey for raising funds for his father. Mr Lenihan said that his own father was not a wealthy man and that, very much to Mr. Haughey's credit, the former Taoiseach told him in 1989 he would help his father in any way possible. When asked what Brian Lenihan Senior may have known about those who contributed to his medical fund, Brian Lenihan said that he formed the impression that his father may not have known the full extent of who made donations. He said that one of the fundraisers, Peter Hanley, was a close friend of the Lenihan family, but even he would not reveal the identity of the contributors.