Eircom says that the main reason for the failure of its fixed line network in Dublin last Friday was due to faulty software provided by its supplier Ericsson. The international telecom equipment company has accepted responsibility for the breakdown at 2 Dublin exchanges. However, the blackout for one million mobile phone users was caused by a separate problem of flooding.

Last Friday, Dublin business was in chaos. 80,000 landlines failed to work properly and there was a total breakdown in the 087 mobile service. Having concluded a review of what went wrong, Eircom now says that the initial breakdown was due to faulty software which was provided by telecom equipment manufacturer Ericsson. Ericsson has written a letter of apology to Eircom. They say that they accept that they caused the primary failure in Eircom's fixed line network in 2 Dublin exchanges.

However, the blackout in the mobile phone network was caused by an entirely separate problem - flooding. This had nothing to do with Ericcson, though Eircom says that the heavy traffic on mobiles, due to the fixed line breakdown last Friday, aggravated the failure of the mobile network.