Talks aimed at resolving the dispute at the Goverment's centre for asylum seekers have been adjourned after nearly eleven hours. Both the Eastern Health Board and the trade union, IMPACT,are due to resume discussions at the Labour Relations Commission at midday. Officials for the Health Board declined to say if any progress had been made during today's session.

The union which represents workers charged with security duties at the centre is due to hold emergency talks with Department of Justice officials tomorrow. The Federated Union of Government Employees claims that there is an urgent need to double the number of security officers at the centre. Joint General Secretary, Michael Coffee, said that the lengthy delays in processing asylum seekers is leading to regular confrontations at the centre and it has now reached breaking point.

IMPACT claims that the centre is too small and there too few employees to deal with the increasing number of asylum seekers requiring help. The Eastern Health Board has said that it has plans to open a new office and recruit more staff. SIPTU, which represents porter staff at the centre, says that it is not in dispute with the Health Board and is happy with proposals to make current staff permanent and plans to recruit others.