The Labour Party has tabled a Dáil motion of no confidence in the Minister for Justice over his handling of the refugee issue. The motion, which is co-sponsored by Fine Gael and the Green Party, describes the government's policy on asylum seekers as "totally inadequate". This evening, the Progressive Democrats accused the opposition of "mischief making" and said there was no question that they would not support the government. Meanwhile, the Dublin Fianna Fáil TD and chairman of the Eastern Health Board, Ivor Callely, has defended his call to the government to throw out illegal immigrants. Mr Callely said he always supported integrating "genuine asylum seekers", but a certain number were abusing the system. Mr Callely said that the Government's policy should be fair and balanced, and that international and EU obligations towards them should be honoured.

Mr Callely has been criticised for his call that the Government should to get tough and throw out illegal immigrants. Earlier today, the Junior Minister at the Department of Foreign Affairs, Liz O'Donnell, said that most Irish people expected nothing less than a compassionate, pragmatic and fair response to refugees in line with our international obligations. The Minister was speaking at a United Nations conference on refugee women in Dublin. Recent comments by the Minister on the Government's policy towards refugees were criticised by Mr Callely, who said that misspending money on people who have no right to come and claim asylum in Ireland was wrong. Ms O'Donnell said that she would be extremely worried if Mr Callely's views were reflected by the Board.