In Britain, the left-wing MP Ken Livingstone has secured a place on the Labour Party's short-list of possible candidates for London Mayor. Tony Blair has warned Mr Livingstone that he must accept the party line if he wins the nomination. Mr Livingstone said he is delighted by today's decision to let his name go forward for the shortlist to contest the powerful post of Mayor of London. Mr Livingstone's ambitions to run for Mayor had been a source of embarrassment to the Labour leadership, which has made little secret of its opposition. Mr Livingstone described the confusion of the last few days over the shortlist as a mistake.

Today's announcement was made by a spokesman for another contender favoured by the Labour leadership, former Health Secretary Frank Dobson. Mr Dobson had hinted he would drop out of the race if Mr Livingstone were prevented from going forward. Mr Livingstone earlier faced a second day of questioning by Labour's selection panel.