Gardaí have announced that special units have been set up throughout the country to seize illegal fireworks in the run up to Halloween. In the past week, £10,000 worth of fireworks has been seized in Dublin. The sale, possession or use of fireworks in Ireland is illegal and Gardaí are appealing to parents to take particular care that their children are not harmed in the run-up and during Halloween.

Each year many children and young persons suffer injuries caused by fireworks, including burns, loss of limbs and serious eye injuries. Gardaí point out that it is illegal to possess any fireworks that may have been legally purchased outside the jurisdiction and then brought into the State. They say many fireworks on sale here illegally, have not passed any quality control tests and could be defective.

Gardaí say that anyone in the possession of fireworks will have them confiscated and face the risk of being prosecuted. It is also illegal to throw any ignited fireworks in public places except where an authorised professional firework display is being held.