Both John Bruton and Ruairi Quinn today called for the publication of the names in the Ansbacher accounts. The Fine Gael leader said public outrage over the Ansbacher deposits demanded the immediate publication of the names. The leader of the Labour party has said that the publishing of names in the Ansbacher Accounts was ' a matter of political will'. Ruairi Quinn said that the Taoiseach was attempting to hide behind the Companies Act and he said there was a clear onus on him to find a mechanism through which the names could be published.

Mr Quinn said today that the state should vigorously pursue all outstanding taxes and issues arising from the DIRT Committee, the tribunals of inquiry and the Ansbacher accounts. "There should be no tax settlements with Revenue Commissioners. The Money trail must be pursued without fear or favour," he said. Mr Quinn said that the second tax amnesty in 1993, when Labour was in government, was a mistake.

The Fine Gael leader, John Bruton, has said public outrage over the Ansbacher deposits demands the immediate publication of the names of those with money in the accounts. Speaking on RTE's This Week programme, Mr Bruton said if the people named had an innocent explanation for having money in off-shore accounts, they would be able to put this into the public domain. He said anybody who was a tax evader should be exposed.

A spokesman for Tony O'Reilly, has denied that he has an Ansbacher account. The spokesman was commenting on a report in the Sunday Times claiming Dr. O'Reilly's name is one of the 120 names on the Ansbacher list drawn up by the Tanaiste, Mary Harney. He said that Dr O'Reilly had not been advised by the authorities that his name appeared on any list associated with the Ansbacher accounts.

Dr. O'Reilly reiterated his statement of June '98 that he does not have, nor did he ever have, directly or indirectly an Ansbacher deposit account. He said Dr. O' Reilly has not been a tax resident in Ireland since he joined the HPJ Heinz co in the late 1960s and therefore no question of tax evasion on his part could possibly arise.