President Clinton has expressed his sadness at the latest mass shooting in the United States. "Yet again we have seen a sanctuary violated by gun violence, taking children brimming with faith and promise and hope before

their time," he told reporters at the White House. On Wednesday, a lone gunman shot and killed seven people in a Baptist church in Fort Worth before taking his own life. Seven more people were injured, four of them critically.

The tragedy is the latest in a string of shootings over the past few months that the president has sought to use to pressure the Republican-led Congress to pass his gun control measures. The bill was defeated earlier this year when lawmakers rejected the tougher measures but the White House hopes to revive it now that Congress is back in session. "We know that there is nothing we can do to assure that this will never happen," said Clinton. "But there is a lot more we can do to assure that it will happen more rarely. And I can only hope that the shock of this event will spur that kind of action."