The Italian student who has been in a coma in hospital for the past month after being attacked in Dublin was flown home this morning. 17-year-old Guido Nasi was transferred by air ambulance to a hospital in his home city of Turin. He was accompanied by his mother, Simonetta Nasi, who has been keeping a vigil at his bedside. Guido was hit over the head with a bottle after being robbed in Fairview Park.

This morning, the air ambulance, with full medical back up is flying Guido home to Turin. He loved Ireland and had asked his mother, just before the incident, if he could stay here longer. Guido's mother said that she thanked the Irish people for the care and sympathy they had shown.

Guido Nasi was robbed of his wallet at Fairview park by a boy, but when he gave chase, an older man hit Guido on the head with a bottle. A man was subsequently charged with the assault. Guido underwent emergency surgery at Beaumont hospital, but has been in a coma for the last 4 weeks.