Gardaí in North Cork have made another significant drugs seizure, close to the spot where they discovered an estimated £400,000 worth of cannabis resin yesterday. In a continuing search of the area they discovered a further four boxes of cannabis, bringing the total value of the seizure to £1m.

Gardaí put the huge haul of drugs seized over the past two days following their search of bogland near the village of Nadd on display today. The drugs, contained in six cardboard boxes and wrapped in celophane, were concealed in the under-growth. The latest find considerably increases the significance of this drugs seizure.

It is a huge setback for a Blarney-based drug dealer, one of the biggest suppliers of drugs to Cork City. The find was made within the area of bog, which was sealed off by Gardaí yesterday, in an isolated woodland area, about five miles from the North Cork village of Stuake. Initially, 40 kilos of the drugs were discovered, but in a follow-up search of the area by Gardaí from Macroom and members of the Cork Divisional Drugs Unit a further 60 kilos were found. That brings the total value of the haul to £1 million. A search of the area is continuing.