The American and Russian Presidents have agreed to let NATO and Russian generals resolve the standoff caused by the presence of Russian forces at Pristina airport. The troops took command of the Kosovo airport yesterday and have refused to allow NATO troops enter. Following an hour- long telephone conversation between the Bill Clinton and Boris Yeltsin, the American National Security Council spokesman Mike Hammer announced that the presidents have agreed that Russian and NATO generals should meet to discuss the problem. Mr Hammer said that there was no timetable on how long to give the generals to find a solution but added that Mr Clinton and Mr Yeltsin had agreed to discuss the situation again on Monday. NATO had planned to use the airport as headquarters for its peacekeeping efforts in Kosovo before the unilateral Russian takeover.

Earlier today, the British Foreign Secretary Robin Cook said that Russia was demanding control of its own sector in Kosovo. Mr Cook also said that the West was not going to tolerate an East German solution in which one part of Kosovo was distinct from the others because that is where Russian troops happen to be. The British Defence Secretary, George Robertson, maintained that the continued wrangling would not help Russia's chances of winning Western financial aid at an upcoming meeting of the Group of Eight meeting of major economic powers.

Three Serb soldiers were killed in Kosovo today by German members of the NATO-led peacekeeping force. It is reported that German K-FOR troops opened fire after the Serb soliders began shooting into a crowd in the southern town of Prizren. German forces have established a camp in the town as part of their efforts to secure southern Kosovo. Earlier British troops in Pristina shot dead a man who had opened fire on them.