Services Available with RTÉ.ie

RTÉ Aertel Mobile

RTÉ Aertel Mobile enables you to get all of RTÉ Aertel on your mobile whenever and wherever you want it.

Go to on your mobile to get the latest news, football results, cinema listings, lotto numbers and much much more.

You can browse to your favourite pages, or go directly to them using the page finder tool.  Just enter the RTÉ Aertel page number you want, then click Go!

Enter in your mobile’s browser now to get started.  And remember to bookmark it!

Note: RTÉ Aertel is free. However, network data charges may apply. Check with your operator.

Tips & Tricks

  • Go straight to the RTÉ Aertel page you want.  By skipping pages, you’ll save on data charges.
  • If you know the RTÉ Aertel page you want, enter the page number and click Go.
  • When you’re at an RTÉ Aertel Mobile page you will want to access again, bookmark it so you can go directly to it in the future.  
  • Don’t want to type the RTÉ Aertel Mobile address into your mobile? Get it sent to you by text message.  Text AERTEL to 53554.  The message will cost 25c.


How do I get Aertel on my mobile?
You need to be able to access the mobile internet on your phone.  Once you can do that, you can enter the URL which is:
[It doesn’t matter of you use caps or lower case]

If you can’t access the mobile internet, contact your operator for assistance.

How much does it cost?
RTÉ doesn’t charge anything for using Aertel on the mobile phone. However, your operator may charge for the data you use.  Check with your operator for data charges. 

Operators typically charge per KB used.  RTÉ Aertel’s mobile pages are usually less than 3KB in size.

What’s on RTÉ Aertel Mobile?
Everything on RTÉ Aertel on TV is on Aertel Mobile.  You can get news, sport, entertainment, stock prices, lotto, cinema listings etc. 

Can I bookmark RTÉ Aertel on my mobile?
Yes, you can.  Once you’re on the Aertel mobile site, check under Options in your mobile browser to bookmark the Aertel page you want.

Is this a subscription service?
No, it is not.  You may use RTÉ Aertel Mobile anytime without a subscription.  Note that network data charges may apply.

How do I contact my Operator?

Vodafone:   call 1907
O2: call 1909
Meteor:   call 1905
3:    call 333 from your 3 mobile