Vox Nostra with Vlad Smishkewych

Vox Nostra with Vlad Smishkewych

Sunday 7 – 10am

Vox Nostra with Vlad Smishkewych Sunday 3 December 2017

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Think Renaissance Spain, and images of the Golden Age of Spanish exploration as well as of theatre and music come to mind. If there is a soundtrack for this period, it would certainly include dozens of Romances and Villancicos from the famous Cancionero de Palacio.

Composer Juan del Encina, closely associated with the Spanish court but not ever officially a part of it, boasts the authorship of a majority of the pieces in this famous manuscript, which now is hosues in the National Library in Madrid. Encina's polyphony in vocal and instruemntal versions will be a part of the tapestry of sound on this Sunday morning's Vox Nostra.

Vlad in concert with Carlos Nuñez, duet with hurdy-gurdy and gaita, Santiago Cathedral, 22 Nov 2017.

Vlad in concert, singing with Hesperion XXI, Santiago Cathedral, 22 Nov 2017.

Vox Nostra with Vlad Smishkewych

André Campra and Jean-Baptiste Lully are fêted on this Sunday morning's Vox Nostra, along with Monteverdi and Frauenlob.

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This week sees the lead-up to the Galway Early Music Festival as part of the live music proceedings around the country. Artists from Ireland and all over Europe will descend upon the bay to bring some of the most wonderful tunes and songs to the festival venues.

Medieval music by Alla Francesca, a programme featuring uilleann piper David Power with Camerata Kilkenny, and the voice and lute duo of soprano Aisling Kenny and Ziv Braha are just a few of the highlights of the festival, which we'll get to hear about on Sunday morning's programme.



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