The Lyric Feature

The Lyric Feature

Sunday, 6 - 7pm

The Lyric Feature Saturday 14 April 2012

RTE lyric fm and BAI Sound and Vision Scheme.

Applying for Broadcast Partnership.

Round 38 & 39 closing date for proposals to lyric is Friday 29th of January 2021

Across all rounds, broadcast partnership proposals must include the following:

What we are looking for:

We are primarily interested in one off 40 minute documentaries on music, arts and culture for our flagship Lyric Feature slot. We may also consider shorter durations for multi episode programmes.


The synopsis should include the main theme of the programme/series. The synopsis should succinctly and clearly capture the substance of the programme/series. It should also include key contributors and personnel, proposed or confirmed for the project. Gender balance and diversity should be considered when choosing contributors and other personnel.


The treatment should describe the content of each programme including themes, storylines, relevant characters/ contributors, your approach to the narrative flow of the programme/series. It should give not just the story line but an idea of how the story will be shaped. It should also include the elements that will make up the sonic texture of the programme. 


Proposed budget applied for to the BAI and proposed RTE lyric fm contribution cash or in kind. The budget need not be detailed.


An up to date CV including details of relevant broadcasting work. Applicants should show an understanding of the editorial sound of lyric and its schedule. Broadcast Partnership proposals should be submitted to RTE lyric fm 1 week before BAI closing date.

Of course not all broadcast partnership applications to the Sound and Vision process will be successful. Lyric is not in a position to offer budgets comparable to S&V budgets but ideas could also open up other avenues of broadcast partnership.

Applications should be sent to

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The Lyric Feature is the Irish broadcaster RTÉ lyric fm's weekly documentary slot. Did you know that the Lyric Feature podcast has over 80 programmes about music, literature, visual arts and other areas where creativity is manifest. 

You can find them via the RTÉ Player calendar on the top right of this page and on Spotify here, Apple Podcast here or wherever else you get your podcasts. Subscribe to the feed to keep up to date with our weekly podcast.

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The Lyric Feature - The Sea in Song: The Tumbling Wave

The Lyric Feature - The Sea in Song: The Tumbling Wave

Winner of the Silver Medal in the History category at the New York Festivals 2011

A 3-part series celebrating Ireland’s maritime song tradition. Historians may have neglected our maritime heritage, but our singers have not and a good song can give us a feel for life at sea better than any text book can. Discover a song chest of rousing sea shanties, ballads of hardship and heroism as well as heartrending tales of love, loss, betrayal and revenge.

Programme 2: The Tumbling Wave

The second programme sifts through the huge collection of Irish coastal songs to retrieve vivid tales of shipwrecks, smugglers, drownings and heroic rescues.

An independent production for RTÉ lyric fm by Well Said Productions and made with the support of the Sound & Vision Broadcasting Funding Scheme, a Broadcasting Authority of Ireland initiative.

Produced and presented by Mary Owens
Produced for RTÉ lyric fm by Olga Buckley
with production coordinator, Eoin O Kelly

(First broadcast: 29th December 2010)



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Producer: Eoin O Kelly

Production Co-Ordinator: Peter Curtin 

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