The Lyric Concert with Paul Herriott

The Lyric Concert with Paul Herriott

Mon to Thurs 7-10pm, Fri 8-10pm

The Lyric Concert with Paul Herriott Friday 12 July 2013

Listen back to The Lyric Concert live from the West Cork Chamber Music Festival 2016

You can now listen back to our live concerts from the West Cork Chamber Music Festival, from St. Brendan's Church and Bantry House featuring top international and Irish artists including tenor Mark Padmore, cellist Adrian Brendel, soprano Carolyn Sampson and the Chiaroscuro Quartet. Simply click the calendar above and select the desired date. 

Monday 4th July at 8pm - Main Evening Concert from St Brendan’s Church
Faure: Verlaine Songs Op.58 (Carolyn Sampson, Cedric Tiberghien)
Hartmann: Concerto Funebre (Lawrence Power, Festival Strings)
Schubert:  Death and the Maiden (Chiaroscuro Quartet)
Tuesday 5th July at 11am - Coffee Concert from St Brendan’s Church (Broadcast during Liz Nolan's Lyric Notes)
Haydn: Quartet in C major Op.20/2
Haydn: Quartet in G minor Op.20/3
(Chiaroscuro Quartet)

Wednesday 6th July at 8pm - Main Evening Concert St Brendan’s Church
Teppo Hauta-aho:  Kadenza (Olivier Thierry)
Varëse : Density 21.5 (Adam Walker)
Ligeti: Lamento (Lili Maijala)
Schulhoff: Concertino (Adam Walker, Lili Maijala, Olivier Thierry)
Reimann/Mendelssohn: Oder sol les Tod bedeuten (Carolyn Sampson, Kelemen Quartet)
Schubert: Winterreise (Mark Padmore, Paul Lewis)
Friday 8th July at 8pm - Main Evening Concert from Bantry House 
Martinu: Three Madrigals (Elina Vahala, Lilli Maijala)
Bloch: Poeme Mystique (Nurit Stark, Cedric Pescia)
Faure: Piano Quartet in G minor Op.45 (Adrian Brendel, Tamar Baraia)

The Friday Concert

RTÉ lyric fm presenters join the RTÉ NSO to celebrate some of our listeners favourites from the worlds of classical music, film and ballet.

Friday Concert Interval - What will we be listening to in 100 years' time?

As we celebrate the RTÉ lyric fm Hall of Fame, Ian McGlynn asks some presenters 'What will we be listening to in 2113?'

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Title: Lullaby For String Orchestra

Performer(s): Gershwin, George

Duration: 8:37



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